December 2014

Bella Ruppert


The Ruppert Family adopted Bella from Chesapeake Humane Society in May 2014.  She had been rescued with her siblings and at 4 months old, had had no human interaction or socialization.  The Rupperts were very patient with her and worked hard to earn her trust. Just as they were adjusting to life with their new puppy, she got away from them and was lost for 8 days!  They searched for her but no luck.  They wondered if they would ever see Bella again.  After 8 days, they finally got the call they were waiting for.  Someone had found Bella!  Her leash had become tangled in the brush next to the river at City Park and there she was trapped until a neighbor spotted her.  Bella has been twice rescued!  The Rupperts were so happy to have Bella back!  She has adjusted to her family very well, but continued to be somewhat fearful of Jaclyn, in spite of all her attempts to bond with Bella.  So they signed up for puppy training together.  Bella's confidence is growing and will only get better with all the love the family shows her.  That's why we chose Bella as December's Lucky Pup of the Month.  A lucky pup indeed!

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