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Lucky Pups Pet Wash offers do-it-yourself pet washing for your dog, cat, or any other pet!  We have three raised grooming tubs (no more bending!), two of which have a ramp that your lucky pup can walk right up into the tub himself (no more bending or lifting!).  Your pet will be safely tethered to the tub (no more fighting to keep a slippery, wet dog from jumping out of the tub and straight onto your clean couch!).  We have aprons for you to wear to catch the shakes and splashes.  We even have little aprons and step-stools so your little ones can help too! 

We have many shampoo options to choose from:

  • Scented shampoos like Honey Almond, Hawaiian White Ginger, and Cucumber Melon

  • Seasonal scents like Wild Berry, Pumpkin Pie, and Sugar Cookie

  • Shampoos for sensitive skin like Oatmeal Anti-Itch and Sensi-Skin HypoAllergenic

  • Flea Shampoos like Citrus Plus & Biogroom

  • Tea Tree & Aloe Medicated Shampoo that naturally soothes itching and inflammation

  • Brighten White

  • Furminator Shampoo and Conditioner for shedding

Some shampoos are included in the base price, other shampoos/conditioners are a little extra.  Ask someone on our staff for more details!

After the bath, but while your pet is still safely tethered in the tub, you can use our high powered dryer to blast the water off.  Feel free to use any of our brushes, curry combs, or nail trimmers.  We will also be glad to do a nail trimming or grinding for you!  In no time, your baby will be puffed and fluffed and ready to go!  If we have other customers waiting for a tub, we may help you move your dog to a drying and brushing table so you can take your time to get them looking their best!  Before you leave, be sure your pet gets a spritz of cologne and a cookie for being so good during his bath! 

For the safety of your pet and for the safety of our other customers, PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH OR IN A CARRIER until we can get you settled in one of our wash stations.  Sometimes, dogs that come in our shop are a little nervous.  With lots of new smells and noises, they may not react normally when they encounter other dogs., or they may not be friendly to humans or dogs.  So it is important while you are in and around the shop that you maintain control of your own pet.   

Your lucky pup will also want to check out all the chews, treats, shampoo, brushes, cologne, and more.  We have a line of pet odor candles and sprays and we will have seasonal items like hand-painted ornaments at Christmas.   We try hard to support products made in the USA and whenever possible, more local than that!   And we always aim to keep our prices fair and offer the best value possible.


Little Sasha almost looks like she is smiling while Stephanie gives her a trim!

Little Sasha almost looks like she is smiling while Stephanie gives her a trim!

Don’t want to get your hands all pruny?  We offer full service baths and by appointment!  We know your dog is like your baby and you wouldn't want your baby to sit in a cage all day long!  That is why we try to stagger our appointments to minimize the time your pet has to wait.  We will text or call you when your little one is almost done.  Our small and quieter grooming setting is ideal for older pets or pets with anxiety who might have a hard time with the larger grooming settings.  For an additional fee, we will schedule your dog to groom them straight through to further minimize their time at the groomer.  You are always welcome to come back to see your pet being groomed or check where he or she will be staying, we have a complete open door policy.  Our groomers are very experienced and will do a wonderful job on your lucky pup!  

Our full service bath includes a bath with shampoo of your choice, ear cleaning, blow dry, and brush out.  Our full service grooming appointment includes bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ears cleaned, and hair cut of choice.  We also offer a Deep De-shedding Therapy Treatment that includes a bath with Furminator Deshedding Shampoo, conditioning treatment with Furminator Deshedding Conditioner, massage to loosen undercoat, blow out of coat to dry and further remove excess hair, 20 to 30 minutes of brushing with deshedding tools, and nail trim.  This treatment is proven to reduce the amount your pet sheds.  For any of our full services, please give us a call at 757-392-3550 to discuss prices and to schedule an appointment.    

When you make your appointment, your grooming time has been reserved especially for your pet.  We do understand that sometimes things come up and you are not able to make it at your reserved time.  We respectfully ask that you please call us to let us know as soon as possible.  If you don't call and don't show up for your appointment, we will require a $20 deposit for all future appointments.   


In a hurry?  We have Call Priority!  Give us a call before you come in for your DIY bath.  We will let you know if there is any waiting time and put you down as next in line.  When you come in, if all tubs are full, you will have next available! 

Karen is holding Kasey! She looked so pretty after being groomed at Lucky Pups!

Karen is holding Kasey! She looked so pretty after being groomed at Lucky Pups!

PRICES (Effective April 1, 2016)


Self Service baths include your choice of one bottle of scented shampoo (specialty shampoo and/or conditioner extra), two towels, ear cleaner, use of dryer & brushes, and spritz of cologne.  Extra shampoo and/or creme rinse available for additional fee.

Self Service bath - Small (Up to 50 lbs) & short haired dogs: $15

Self Service bath - Large (Over 50 lbs) : $18

Self Service bath - Thick coated:$21 (includes 2 bottles of scented shampoo)  

full services

Full Service baths and/or grooming - Our grooming prices are based on many factors including the size, thickness and length of coat, type of cut, fleas, matting, frequency of grooming, and more.  Please call us or stop by to discuss what services you would like for your pup and we will be glad to give you an estimate!

Additional services

Nail trim w/ bath: $7

Nail trim w/o bath: $11

Nail grinding w/ bath: $11

Nail grinding w/: bath: $15

Teeth Brushing: $5

Anal gland expression: $7


CLICK HERE for Lucky Pups Pet Wash's Grooming and Full Services Policies and Release Form



We also have a retail pet shop where you will find toys, treats, and grooming supplies!  We have everything you need to spoil your lucky pup!