February 2015


Precious, a sweet tan and white hound, is living the good life.  But it wasn't always a good life for her.  She spent the first 6 months of her life far from the luxury she now enjoys.  She was found next to a dumpster with her sister by animal control.  She was very afraid of people and other dogs and she had obviously been abused.  She was adopted by the Fowler's son.  He and Precious moved in temporarily with the Fowlers but when it was time for him to move on, he left and Precious stayed!  She has become like their child.  Precious LOVES children as she has probably never been threatened by them. She is much better with other dogs now and while still wary of new people, she has adjusted to her good life very well.  The Fowler's treat Precious like a queen.  The first time they brought her to Lucky Pups, they were afraid that she would be nervous.  So they stopped by Dairy Queen on the way to the shop.  While Mrs. Fowler gave her a good scrub, Mr. Fowler fed her ice cream with a spoon!  If that's not a lucky pup, we don't know what is!