November 2014


From the time Jennifer Castro was three years old, she wanted a Scottie.  She fell in love with Jock from Lady and the Tramp and always wanted one for her own.  For years, she kept a scottie dog pawn from Monopoly painted black on her desk.  In April of 2012, she finally got her chance.  She and her husband traveled to Asheville, NC on Easter Sunday to get their little scottie puppy, who was just six weeks old. They named him Corrado Soprano Castro, after the TV show The Sopranos's character, Uncle Junior.  

While she and her husband each have children from previous marriages, Corrado has become the son they could not have together.  They take him everywhere they can, including Home Depot, and for walks every day. She thinks Corrado is the best dog and wants others to enjoy him as well.  He appears in the book "In Praise of Scotties" and is one of 57 Scottish terriers featured in the book, that has been published on three continents!  Corrado was also the Spokesdog for the Booyah 5k Run that was held October 11, 2014 in Portsmouth, VA.  Corrado even has his own Facebook page!

We think Corrado is a super lucky pup because of how well he is loved and cared for.  It would be hard to find another person who loves their dog more than Jennifer loves Corrado.  We wish all dogs could live the awesome life Corrado does.  What a lucky pup!

What a cutie!

What a cutie!