September 2014

The Story of Houdini



I was traveling with my three children to Wisconsin to see my family.  I was trying to find a hotel at 8pm with no luck and had to travel three more hours to find a hotel. When I pulled up to the hotel in Kentucky, my children stayed in the car and I ran in to see if they had any rooms. As I was talking to the lady, a dog came up to the car and started baying at my children! Of course I asked the lady if the dog was nice and as I was saying that, my CHILDREN opened the door and surrounded the dog. I ran out and the dog was laying on the ground enjoying a tummy rub and all the attention. We got a room and my middle son would not leave the dog, I was super tired from all the driving and my son kept on begging to keep the dog. He said how perfect she was.There were people that worked in the area and they stopped and told us about how there was a mother (husky) and she had four pups that looked more like blue healers, and she was one of them. I did not see the rest of the family, only her and she stayed glued to us. One lady gave us some food and a guy gave us a strap to use as a leash. At first I told my son if she was still here in the morning, I would think about it. Of course that did not work and we could not take her into the hotel so my only other option was the car. My son finally agreed to that. So we got her in the car with food. In the morning, I went out and the car was a disaster!  She got into a box of Kleenex and it was ALLLL over and she had chewed a seat belt. Still, I snapped a picture of her and texted my husband that we have a new dog, YAY!! On the 8 hour drive home, my child picked ticks off of her and she was just so docile and slept most of the trip. When we stopped for bathroom breaks, she was very skittish around men and just hunkered down on the ground.  It was painful to watch. I told my children if she was mean in any way, I could not keep her. I took her to the doctor when we got back and she did have Lyme's disease and would have died had we not rescued her. Once she got medicine in her, she was a completely different dog. She goes almost everywhere with us now and when we went back to Wisconsin this year, we took her with us and she enjoyed it very much! She is now my 4th child and is loved very much!!! She is crazy about the kids, not one mean bone in her, and just the friendliest dog ever.

What a great story!  Who is the luckiest, Houdini or her family??  We think both!!!!!