Holiday Plants - Festive, Beautiful, AND Possibly Dangerous??

Animals often chew plants and most are harmless but there are a few plants that we often adorn our homes with during the holidays that can be potentially dangerous to your pets. 

Poinsettias are toxic to children and pets, but not as deadly as some people think.  While eating the leaves can cause nausea and vomiting and are irritating to the tissues of the mouth and esophogas, your pet would actually have to ingest a large amount of poinsettia leaves to actually cause real harm.  But it is best to play it safe and keep poinsettias out of reach. 

Holly and mistletoe are far more toxic to dogs and cats and should definitely be kept out of their reach.  Mistletoe is known to cause severe intestinal upset, sudden drop in blood pressure, hallucinations, seizures, and even death.  So hang these items high for kisses and well away from your pets.

The flowering Amaryllis is another dangerous plant to watch out for.  Ingesting this plant can cause salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and lethargy.  The bulb is even more toxic than the plant so please keep these beauties high on a shelf.

A Christmas Cactus is not actually toxic to pets but the fibrous plant material can cause stomach upset, something all pet owners want to avoid to keep our floors and carpets clean! 

Finally, the Christmas Tree.  The oils in the fir trees can be irritating to your pet's mouth and stomach causing vomiting and drooling.  It is also possible for needles to cause an abdominal obstruction or puncture.  The water that the tree sits in can also be toxic with bacteria, molds, and fertilizers so please do not allow your pet to drink the tree water.

At Lucky Pups, we want to help keep your pet safe during the holidays and all the time.  Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season!