You've got a lucky pup

Welcome to Lucky Pup's first blog!  In our blog we will talk about all kinds of topics relating to owning a dog, cat, or other pets.  How to take care of them, behavior issues, grooming, health, fun places to go, and more!  If you have an idea for a good blog topic, please let us know!  Email to and put "blog" in the subject line.  We appreciate all suggestions on this or anything else our business can do to improve your experience!

In our first blog, let's talk about your lucky pup.  Anyone reading this blog, is interested in the topic of dogs and their care.  That means right away that you obviously love your dog and want to learn how to treat him or her well.  I named Lucky Pups for a reason.  My belief was that anyone that takes the time and spends the money to come bathe their dog themselves or has them professionally groomed means they love and care for their dog and that makes their dog one lucky pup!  When I was growing up, my parents always said "All our dogs should be named Lucky!" because they lived such good lives!  And that's the way it should be!  Dogs come into our lives or we choose to have them in our lives because they give us enjoyment.  Dogs don't care if we are wearing makeup, or if we smell bad, are too fat, too ugly, have expensive clothes, a fancy house, or a job people respect.  Dogs love us exactly as we are.  Good or bad, they don't care.  And we should pay them back by treating them well.  Good food, healthcare, attention, training, proper grooming, and shelter are just a few of the things that people should sign up for when they choose to take on the responsibility of a dog.  If you can't provide these things, don't get a dog!!  But if you do decide to take a dog into your life, treat him well and he will pay you back 10 times over with love!

Not all dogs are lucky pups, but we are trying to do our part to make to make them that way.  We support Portsmouth Humane Society and the work they do.  They are a really awesome group of employees and volunteers that work every day to make a difference in the lives of dogs, cats, and occasionally other animals.  We have fostered three dogs, all of which have found terrific homes.  Fostering dogs is a very rewarding experience.  All you have to do is provide food and love and PHS will provide all medical care.  Sometimes some dogs just need a break from the shelter so you can foster for a few days or a few weeks.  Sometimes they are recovering from an illness or injury and just need a place to relax.  Either way, you get a dog to love without the long term commitment or expense.  We highly recommend it!  

But, back to your pup.  You love him, feed him, take him for walks, play with him, spend lots of money on him at the vet, and even let him get on the couch.  Most importantly, you bring him and wash him yourself at Lucky Pups!  Or you let us pamper your pup!  Either way, your dog is lucky because he has you. Thanks for being a part of Lucky Pups Pet Wash and taking good care of your pup!